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Results Only Work Environment, ROWE, 6 hour workday, Top 100 Employers


Business Success Through Employee Engagement

Company culture is extremely important, and employee engagement is directly linked to the success and overall health of a business. We understand this equation, and develop strategic and creative approaches to build a culture that supports your organizational goals while reducing absenteeism, turnover and increasing morale and work productivity.  We specialize in:

• Optimization of Remote Work/ Home Office Arrangements

•Hybrid Work Environments

•Employee Coaching

•Conflict Resolution
• Team Building
• Employee Compensation, Benefits, Perks and Rewards
• Employment Branding
• Organizational Mission, Vision and Values definition
• Planning for Growth

We have unique expertise in implementing

"Top 100 Employers Award" winning programs such as:

• "Results Only" Work Culture

The 4 Day Work Week
• The 6 Hour Work Day
• Unlimited Vacation Time

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