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We work with clients to determine the core competencies and skills required for a successful hire. We use a predictive model and consider the shared business competencies and values of the top employees in your business, and will use this information to create a job posting and strategy.



We will review the mission, vision and values of your business, and work with you to identify the ideal candidate to fit within your existing teams. We assist clients in marketing their business to the target job seekers. 

Employment Policies, Compliance, Regulations


Our goal is to develop a partnership with our clients; we do not view recruitment as a 'placement' activity, rather we take the time to understand the business culture in order to develop a search strategy for your open position. This allows us to find a hire that truly fits with your team.

If you find attracting the right talent for your business to be a challenge, we can help. Synapse HR's hourly fee for service model provides significant cost savings compared to a recruitment agency or search firm, which charge fees based on a percentage of total employee compensation.

If you would like more information about our unique recruitment service offerings, please reach out to schedule a complimentary consultation.


Synapse HR offers recruitment services, working under a different model than traditional recruitment agencies. We believe that understanding our clients' business and culture is key to successful recruitment, and consider talent acquisition in the context of the broader business strategy. We work on an hourly fee for service basis, which greatly minimizes costs compared to a recruitment agency or 'headhunting' firm.  Each of our team members has at minimum 15 years of recruitment experience, and we have conducted hundreds of successful searches across a wide variety of industries.

When providing recruitment services for our clients, our areas of focus include:


Schedule a complimentary consultation call with us to discuss your needs.

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