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Tips for Recruiting and Selecting the Best Talent

Hiring new team members can be a challenge and a frustrating experience for employers. The following 4 tips will help to ensure your hiring process is in top form, from job description to employment contract.


- Description of the position: Is your job description thorough?It’s important to note the key duties and expectations of the role you’re hiring for- and articulating them in a clear way.If you don’t tell people what they need to do, and the qualifications required to do the job, you will have to sort through unqualified applicants, taking up your valuable time.

- Posting: Are you posting the job where the right candidates will see it?The best applicants will often avoid postings on sites like Kijiji.Instead check out posting on free sites like or where you will have a wider audience and greater credibility.

- Interviewing: Are you asking the right questions? It’s important to assess skills and experience, but also culture fit.Try incorporating a few questions that tie into your company values.

- Making the offer: this is arguably the most important phase as it sets the rules of your relationship, for better or for worse.Make sure you have spelled out all the terms of employment, as well as termination.Strong contracts minimize risk to you, your business and leave no room for ambiguity with your employees.

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